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The Prairieview girls are learning about the scientific method and experimental design in science! The girls have completed several science labs and are working on their own science projects for the upcoming science fair. They spent a morning learning about scientific research in the real world from Northwest Passage’s own, Ben Thwaits.

Ben worked as a Biologist prior to his employment with Northwest Passage with a Masters in Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior with a neuroscience minor from the University of Minnesota. He has completed research from the Wisconsin Northwoods to India. He spoke about his experiences with science and the integration of science and art.  Ben focused his presentation on a three-year project he completed on Lake Superior studying homing mechanisms in trout and salmon.

The girls were engaged and intrigued as they saw the diversity of experimental design and the tasks that research scientists endure. Thank you Ben for coming to talk to us and sharing your experience and passion for science!

Brittany Bosak, Prairieview Teacher

Science is one of the many subjects that Northwest Passage teachers focus on in their classrooms every day of the week. Science helps to teach students how and why things work the way that they do. Science teaches a wide variety of concepts. It can help those at Northwest Passage to understand many different mechanics and functioning of complex systems.

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